Egbert R. Pinney (1808-1855), also known as E. R. Pinney, was born in Middlefield, Otsego County, NY, the son of Joshua L. Pinney and Mary Lake. The family moved to Owego, Tioga County, NY, where Joshua operated a drug store with his sons. In 1834, E. R. married Angeline Stanton. He and his brother Alfred attended but did not graduate from Hamilton Literary and Theological Institution in Madison County, NY. The school later became Madison University and is now known as Colgate University. He first became the pastor of a Baptist church in Greenville, NY, where he remained for 3 years. It was during this time that he developed cancer on his face. In March 1842 he became the pastor of the Baptist church in Seneca Falls. He attended lectures in Rochester by followers of William Miller, who believed that the Second Advent – the Second Coming of Christ – was imminent. E. R. became a follower and began to travel to spread the word of the Second Coming. Members of the Baptist chuch were upset to discover that he was a Millerite and forced him out. Fifty members of the church went with him as he established an Adventist church in Seneca Falls while still traveling to lecture and spread the word. In 1849, after enduring "the most painful treatment for his cancer, which apparently resulted in a cure," he moved to Rochester and became pastor of the Adventist church there. His cancer returned and he was forced to stop preaching "as the use of the muscles of the cheek constantly irritated the wound." In the fall of 1852, he moved back to Seneca Falls, where he was surrounded by family and friends as his cancer progressed. He passed away on June 5, 1855, and was buried in a picturesque spot overlooking the Seneca River. 

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