Testimony #9 was published in January 1863. In the section on the wrong use of Testimonies, she refers to counsel in #8 which was written to the Marquette, Wisconsin church where an extreme holiness fanaticism had taken deep root. (1T 328, 9) Visions experienced by various members, along with Ellen White’s visions were being presented as testing messages, and this combined with the message of false sanctification were nearly destroying the churches in that section of Wisconsin.

When J. H. Waggoner went to Iowa, he presented Ellen White's visions in a dogmatic and “tyrannical” manner, using them to pound his exhortations home. This is what is referred to in Testimony #9. See a quotation from Ms 8, 1863 on this matter:

"I saw that he [Joseph H. Waggoner] was unmerciful in his dealings with the church in Iowa. He bore down upon them in a tyrannical manner, yet in the sight of God their sin was of far less magnitude than his, for they never had had the light he had had in regard to the visions. I saw that God could not let His especial strength and blessing rest upon such ministers, who follow Him so heedlessly. Then again the course Brother Waggoner pursued to throw out hints and talk in a mysterious manner in regard to my husband and some of the ministering brethren was highly displeasing to God, and cast an influence which is not yet fully done away.” from Ms 8, 1863 (May 1863)